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PLEASE READ FIRST: We are interested in hearing from you, especially if you were assigned to the 219th Aviation Company in Vietnam or are a relative of someone assigned to the unit. You may leave your email address in the "Visitors Comments" Box if you would like someone to respond back to you, especially if you are a relative seeking information from someone that may have known your brother, father, uncle, grandfather, etc. Your story is important to everyone. The 219th Aviation Company Webmaster reserves the right to edit or block any entries not professional in nature or which are deemed inappropriate for viewing. IMPORTANT NOTE: Only share that information you feel comfortable in making public. Your email will not be shared outside this website. (Note: As a suggestion, if your entry is more than a few sentences or a paragraph, please type it in word editor progarm like MS Word or WordPerfect first, then copy and paste in the guestbook comment area. This will help you not lose your entry, if the server times out before you have finished.)

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Entry #: 231

Entry Date: 2014-11-15 14:29:07

Name: Charles McConnell
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: grandson
What years?:
Call Sign? Platoon?: HH 6-2
Rank? Position?: CW4
Visitor Comments: Hello all. From one veteran to another, thank you all for your service and sacrifices. I'm the grandson of CW4 Felix A. Mudd and looking for people who might have served with him and might have pictures or stories. He is alive and well and living in Texas.

Entry #: 230

Entry Date: 2014-08-17 23:31:03

Name: Francis A. Doherty
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: Pilot
What years?: 1969 - 70
Call Sign? Platoon?: HH 45 4th Plt. / SPAF 2 2nd Plt.
Rank? Position?: Captain
Visitor Comments: For Paul A. Marchessault: Willie Ridgeway was my platoon leader (2nd plt.) in Kontum. I was not present when Willie's crash occurred, but I was present for his memorial service. I also made a rubbing of his name on a visit to the Vietnam Memorial and gave it to a mutual friend, Bob Adams, a FAC with the 21st RAC and a contemporary at Western / Delta Airlines.

Entry #: 229

Entry Date: 2014-06-27 20:57:47

Name: Paul A. Marchesseault
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: back seater - artillery unit commander
What years?: 66-67
Call Sign? Platoon?: Able Scorch 36
Rank? Position?: CPT, Battery Commander
Visitor Comments: I'm looking for anyone who can help me confirm that 1st Lieutenant Willie J. Ridgeway of B Battery, 5th Battalion, 27th Artillery regiment in Vietnam circa 1968-69 was the same person killed in a fixed wing crash on April 3, 1970 while then a member of the 219th Aviation Company "Headhunters". The latter Willie had been promoted to Captain during flight training. I'm trying to pin this down for a person writing a book on members of B Battery, 5th/27th during its time in Vietnam. This battery suffered 9 KIAs that we honor at our reunions. We would like to add Willie, the aviator, to our honor roll if we can confirm he was the same individual that served with us. He definitely deserves remembering in this book. Thank you.

Entry #: 228

Entry Date: 2014-05-24 16:08:27

Private Entry

Entry #: 227

Entry Date: 2014-05-08 13:07:07

Name: Jesse (Dewey) Hughes
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: 203rd Sig Det attached to 52nd CAB at Camp Holloway
What years?: 1965 & 1966
Call Sign? Platoon?:
Rank? Position?: SP/5
Visitor Comments: Charter member of 203rd Sig Det. Organized at Gray Army Airfield at Ft. Hood, Tx in April, 1965. 203rd was attached to 219th and shipped to Vietnam in June, 1965. I was on the last of 5 C-130's that left from Austin, Tx. one hour apart. We received all the equipment and shipped it to Camp Holloway before we left Ft. Hood. At Camp Holloway we were attached to the 52nd CAB which included the 119th avn Co and headquarters Company of the 52nd as well as the 219th. The 203rd never received it's equipment. It was stolen in Saigon. I was on flight status and flew missions with every unit in the 52nd CAB. My ETS was in May, 1966 and I left Camp Holloway three weeks before scheduled rotation. The 203rd was a great outfit with eleven enlisted men and one officer (I believe this is the correct number). The CO was 2nd Lt. Woody.

Entry #: 226

Entry Date: 2014-04-10 14:49:46

Name: amaspuds
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: I am looking for information, it could help someone.
What years?: 1968 to 1970
Call Sign? Platoon?:
Rank? Position?:
Visitor Comments: I am a veteran I served in nam in 1968 and am hoping to find some that was there. I hope there is a company roster, somewhere, I cant find one.

Entry #: 225

Entry Date: 2014-03-01 12:45:53

Name: Kathy Mehring
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: Brother, Stacy Reeves proudly served...
What years?: 1966-1968
Call Sign? Platoon?: Headhunters
Rank? Position?: mechanic
Visitor Comments: I still have great pictures he and others in Vietnam. I still have his carved wood Headhunters statue.So glad I found this web site.

Entry #: 224

Entry Date: 2014-02-07 11:16:41

Name: Dave Miller
Site Rating: 8
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: Aviator
What years?: '68-'69
Call Sign? Platoon?: HH 45
Rank? Position?: 1LT/CPT
Visitor Comments: Glad to see that our roster is now more than 200.

Very grateful for Lee Morgan reaching out to me after correcting his status on the roster!

Wish the site/guest book could get more editing...

Hope to see a big crowd at the 2015 reunion!

Dave Miller

Entry #: 223

Entry Date: 2014-01-20 11:54:41

Name: jeff
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: Father served
What years?: 66-68
Call Sign? Platoon?:
Rank? Position?:
Visitor Comments: I would love to hear from anyone that knew my father Jerald Lynn Vaughn. He was with you guys from 66-68 I believe.

Entry #: 222

Entry Date: 2013-12-10 22:27:03

Name: Stephen Badger
Site Rating: 10
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: crew chief
What years?: 66-67
Call Sign? Platoon?:
Rank? Position?:
Visitor Comments: Joined the company in 1966. In 1967 myself and 2 or 3 others were sent to the 220th RAC in Phu Bai to form their 4th platoon in Dong Ha.

(Im not sure if I signed this book at an earlier time).

Entry #: 221

Entry Date: 2013-11-30 19:53:05

Name: Lee Morgan
Site Rating: 8
Please share your affiliation to the 219th: Pilot
What years?: 1968-69
Call Sign? Platoon?: HH$@, HH13
Rank? Position?: CPT
Visitor Comments: I have been looking for a Headhunters' site for a while - thank you.

Dave - It's great to know you and Penny are still hanging in there. After our time serving together, I almost felt as if I knew her.

So many familiar names, so many memories - kinda choked me up.

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