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Entry #: 694

Entry Date: 2013-12-29 17:38:38

Name: Alan Mileski
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments: One of the things I get in trouble with, sometimes is that I mention the good times in New Jersey and the fact that I knew you back when. Of course, Linda is very much aware of my issues. Anyway, you saved me with the pictures and letter that are framed and hanging in the restaurant in Illinois now. I laugh now but I am blessed to have you folks as "friends" on Facebook now. Be great forever and no one does Volare like Bobby Rydell!!!

Entry #: 693

Entry Date: 2013-12-28 20:48:01

Name: Marilyn Georgeson
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments: I sent my daughter a video tape of Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. One of the them was State Fair. Bobbie Darin stars in it. My daughter said, "Isn't that the guy your brother wrote and asked to marry his sister?" I have had some memory problems due to health issues. But I remembered that the Bobby he wrote also sang "Volare." Yes that would be you. My brother was a devoted Bobby Rydell fan. He loved you so much that he thought it would be great if you married his sister. Much to my brother's dismay, you didn't! My brother has since passed from Lou Gehrig's disease, but the story of his love of Bobby Rydell lives on.
Admin Reply: great story. Bobby

Entry #: 692

Entry Date: 2013-12-28 18:59:55

Name: Barbara Hayes
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments: Loved you since I was 16 ..65 now.. Coming to see you August 1st in reno. So thrilled.

You are the best
Admin Reply: great!! Bobby

Entry #: 691

Entry Date: 2013-12-22 14:26:37

Email: Protected
IT MAN!!!!!

Entry #: 690

Entry Date: 2013-12-19 19:31:26

Name: Caroline Clark
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments: One of the greatest singers of all time! Your songs are classics and will never die, thank you for being such a big influence on music and my life!!

Entry #: 689

Entry Date: 2013-12-17 09:30:02

Name: Barbara Ferrughelli
Visitor Comments: It was so great to see you last night at the Feast of the Seven Fishes! Thank you so much for taking a picture with me.I will treasure it!
And thank you for the wonderful memories of
"Steel Pier" Barbara

Entry #: 688

Entry Date: 2013-12-14 09:33:13

Name: Mary Zalescik
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments:

Hi, Bobby.  What an amazing concert in Rahway!!!  Thank you SO much for making me feel like I was the most important person there!  You were GREAT!!! (as usual)

Good luck on Tuesday.  I know you'll be fine.  You've been through a lot already, and this will be nothing.  The more you go through, the more you can handle.  And I'm one who KNOWS that!

Hope to see you again real soon!

Love, Mary Zalescik, your fellow double-transplant friend/fan

Entry #: 687

Entry Date: 2013-12-09 17:59:29

Name: Dott.Toglietti
Visitor Comments: Ciao Roberto!

I think its time to start using your real Italian name, thoughts?

I always been pround of my Italian background


Entry #: 686

Entry Date: 2013-12-02 18:15:45

Name: Debra Pacheco
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments: I really love your music I've been a fan so ce I was five yrs old im 46now and still loving you.

Entry #: 685

Entry Date: 2013-11-30 03:04:01

Name: Al Capuano
Visitor Comments: Just learned of your recent hospitalization - get well, stay well and all the best. We were in home room together at Neumann. Ahh, those were the days - can we go back :-)).
Admin Reply: my double organ transplant was in July 2012 - I was back on the stage 6 months later in Las Vegas. An angel saved my life, her name was Julia (My organ donor) who saved 8 lives including mine.So easy to register to be an organ donor - just go online with the DMV. Thanks for writing, Bobby Rydell

Entry #: 684

Entry Date: 2013-11-29 18:22:30

Name: Bruce Beaton
Email: Protected
Visitor Comments: I've been listening to you for over 50 years, most recently on Boomer Radio. I've always considered you one of the most energenic singers ever. And the best back-up singers of all time. Thanks.
Admin Reply: thanks very much. Love what I do. BR

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